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Services we provide

Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale supplier and food distributor to major retail channels such as supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores and petrol stations. 


Able to handle products of all temperatures and both long or short term sales at the stores. 


Our merchandisers on the ground can assist suppliers to monitor products, do stock loading, arrange FIFO on shelves and push for reorders. 

With continuous communications with the HQ, our  team of merchandisers provide prompt and critical feedback and information to improve sales in stores.


Logistics can be expensive when you have few product range and items. 

We are able to work with key logistics partners and deliver food products of multi-temperature in the same drop to our customers.

Marketing Advisory

Need help in understanding the local retail scene? 

Our market experts can assist in providing directions on navigating the retail markets and best practices to boost awareness and sales of your products.

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